Fun in the Sun – Get Active This Summer

The summer is upon us, finally! Most of the country had a pretty rough winter that seemed like it couldn’t let spring ever get started. With winter storms hammering the Northeast well into April, we know everyone can agree that it is time to get outside and enjoy the sun! Here are some fun ways to enjoy the outside this summer whether you are hanging out with friends and family or just enjoying some time on your own adventure.

Okay, we each have our own idea of what hiking entails. The great thing is that you are calling the shots here, so whether you want to pack a rucksack and take on some intense mountain trails, or you’d rather take a walk around the flat lake trails, either is a great way to spend a morning and take in the fresh air. Don’t forget to pack a couple of water bottles and throw some snacks into your knapsack. Trail mix is meant to be enjoyed outside and no one will blame you if you just eat the chocolate pieces.

Water Aerobics
This is one of the most underpromoted fitness opportunities you should be pursuing this summer. Water aerobics is a great way to enjoy some water fun and get in a great workout that isn’t strenuous on your joints. One of the great things about water aerobics is that the water works kind of like a resistance band and as a result you burn more calories and tone your muscles. If you live near an indoor pool you can likely take advantage of water aerobic classes year-round, but if not, you should definitely make the most of the opportunity in the summertime. All of our friends love it and we think you will too!

Outdoor Yoga
A great way to relax this summer, while enjoying the warm air, is to get in some outdoor yoga. Whether you are a seasoned yogi that already knows all the moves, or you are a beginner looking to learn more, outdoor yoga is something that everyone loves for refreshing the spirit. Deep breathing combined with long stretches helps you relieve the stress of the day and feel your best. For a more soothing experience, we suggest you indulge in a morning or evening routine, but if you are looking to burn some extra calories, you can certainly strike a pose in the middle of the afternoon and take advantage of the heat—after all, hot yoga is a popular trend right now!

Get Touristy
Are you wanting to get out of the house but struggling to decide what to do? Maybe you have guests coming from out of town and want to take them somewhere fun? Well, here’s a great idea! Try picking up one of your city’s tourism guides. These guides are usually free at the local municipal office or even at your local grocer. They often contain coupons to score some major savings on things to do around town. Not only will you be able to show your friends a good time, but you can save everyone some cash while you’re at it. An extra bonus is that you can get in some exercise, as most tourist sights involve walking around. Sounds like a win to us!

Like these ideas for getting active this summer? Be sure to check our blog regularly for more fun pointers on how to be your healthiest you and have fun while you do it!