Summertime feels good, doesn’t it? Warmer days and lighter evenings make it pretty difficult not to feel positive vibes. Well, this summer, why not take those good feels and turn them into good deeds? If you’re new in the area, it’s a great way to meet the neighbors, and if you’re not, it’s a wonderful reason to reconnect with old friends and make a difference.

If you love the thought of spreading some community spirit, but you’re not sure where to start, here are some ideas to get you on your way.

Go Green
Going green is a great deed as you can make it a solo effort or rally friends and family to join in with you—and it’s so easy! Switch your car for a bike or give yourself a daily step target so that you walk more. Invest in a couple of reusable canvas bags and steer clear of plastic bags when you shop. Take your own cup with you on your regular coffee run.

Set a target of two weeks and see just how many small changes you can make—when the two weeks is up, see how many you keep going. You may have just kickstarted the beginning of a whole new lifestyle!

Park Clean-up
Everyone loves a trip to the park; whether that’s to take the dog for a walk, take the kids to burn off some of that excess energy, or to get some fresh air and your daily exercise—but nobody likes to see trash littered all over the place.

That’s why this is a fantastic deed for a neighborhood, and an activity that can stay running long after summer is over. Most parks now have Facebook pages, so check out yours and find out whether they already do a regular park clean-up; and if they don’t, get involved in setting one up.

Volunteer With the Kids
Summer can feel very long when kids are around, so why not keep everyone busy and find a local initiative to get involved with together? There are heaps of charities and community projects that are safe for smaller people to be involved in, and if there are older kids and teens in your family, community service activities look great on a resume.

Top Tip—Make it more meaningful to kids by having them to choose their good deed for themselves.

Those Who Can, Teach
If you have a talent, why not share it? Whether you’re fluent in languages, represented your school on a sports team, can bring a piano to life, or have another skill that people may like to learn, why not volunteer some of your time this summer to share your love and expertise?

A good place to start is to contact local schools, colleges, and sports teams, but also get in touch with your community center; talk them through your ideas, and they can often give you space to work in. And remember to spread the word among your friends. Not only might they know people who would love to take you up on your offer, but you may also find that they, too, would like to be a part of it.

Organize a Block Party
When the weather forecast is for sunshine, a block party is a fun way to get the neighbors outside and mingling. Have a chat with the locals, and you’re sure to find volunteers who would love to get the party started. Make it nice and easy with a simple barbecue setup or give it a little twist and add a theme (maybe fancy dress, or Fourth of July)—just be sure to check the local rules and regulations before charging ahead with it.

Get Your Dog Involved
This deed will always require some checking beforehand, but care homes often allow four-legged visitors in to see their residents—and it is becoming more common for hospitals to let animals visit in certain areas too. Now, for obvious reasons, there has to be rules and guidelines around this, so don’t take it personally if your offer is politely declined, but if you do get invited along, you’re sure to be delighted at how much joy your pooch can bring.

Small Acts Go a Long Way
Mowing your neighbor’s lawn, offering to do the weekly shopping for someone who finds it difficult to get around, baking a lasagna for a busy couple, or volunteering to watch the kids for a couple of hours so their parents can have a much-needed break; these are all small acts of kindness that will be so gratefully received. What may be just 20 minutes of your time could mean a whole lot more to someone else.

So, what are you waiting for? Spread that summer love and make some great new friends (and memories) along the way.