I made some chocolate chip cookies for a party a few weeks back and several people commented that my cookies were amazing, and asked for the recipe.

I don’t claim to have the best chocolate chip cookie recipe; this tip is not a recipe at all, but a slight change to the main ingredient — the chocolate chips.

And you might guess that I use chopped chocolate — which does make a difference — but you’re wrong.

Instead, I use a variety of chips. Different sizes, shapes, brands, and cocoa content.

This accomplishes a couple things. First, using chips that are varying levels of cocoa gives you depth of flavor. Choose bittersweet, semi-sweet, and milk.

Different sized chips gives you varying textures. A flat bittersweet disc is crunchy, while a milk chocolate chip is melty and soft. You might think that you won’t notice these textures — and you won’t if you eat your cookies fresh from the oven — but once your cookies are cooled, the difference is huge.

I bake a lot, so I have a bag of chips that are mixed, and every so often, I buy a bag or two of chips and mix them in. That way I always have chips ready to go and don’t have to buy several bags at once. As far as brands, I buy the best brands I can find in stores, and occasionally shop online. But use your favorites.

This may not seem like it makes a difference, and it certainly doesn’t reinvent the wheel. But it does make enough of a difference that people will notice. They won’t quite be able to pinpoint it. But they’ll notice.