Are you looking for a fun way to shake up family game night or entertain the grandkids? Maybe you just want a new way to spend time with your friends on Saturday night? Well, if so, you need to check out Lotería!

What Is Lotería?
Lotería, which is also referred to as Mexican Bingo, is a great way to spend some free time. The word Lotería literally translates to lottery. But unlike the lottery of America, this game is very similar to American Bingo.

Like Bingo, each player has a card with a grid on it. Unlike Bingo, which has numbers inside of the grid, Lotería has pictures. The caller, instead of drawing out numbered balls, draws a card from a deck of 54 different pictures. The caller can either show the players the picture or, to make things more interesting, may only describe the image on the card and leave the players to figure out which image they get to mark.

How to Win
Just like bingo, the players mark each picture with a small chip or pebble once they are called. Before starting the game, the players can decide if are playing for a line, diagonal, four corners or full card game. When a player achieves the designated pattern on their card they are to shout “Lotería!” as loud as they can.

A Great Way to Learn Spanish
This game is a fun way to teach the Spanish language or conversely, to teach your Spanish speaking friends English. Not only can you use the appropriate word that represents the picture on the card in both languages, but you also have the opportunity to describe the card in either language. If you are playing this game with your children or grandchildren, it is a fun way to teach them descriptive adjectives and nouns in Spanish.

Fun for Adult Parties Too
If you are entertaining adult friends, you may also be interested in modifying the game into a bit of a drinking game. Some ways to do this are to designate specific cards ahead of time that when called will force all of the players to take a drink, or when someone calls Lotería the other players may have to quickly finish their drinks.

Those are just some of the interesting ways that some people like to mix up this game a bit more with their adult friends. Obviously, when adding in alcohol, the possibilities of changing up the rules could get endless. But no matter how you decide to play, be sure to drink responsibly!

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