After some of the coldest winter weather we’ve had in a long time, it will certainly be a joy to welcome spring this year! You don’t have to wait for the snow to melt away and the bright spring greens to reappear outdoors before you start to refresh your indoor world, though, and if the cold has gotten you down, it may give your spirits a boost to get an early start on the celebration of spring.

Brighten Up Metallics with Brass

Brass is in style this year and its bright yellow-gold color can add warmth and brightness to a room. It makes great lighting fixtures and mirror frames, but there is also a wide range of decorative items made out of brass available. Animal statuettes are traditional, but there are also many types of more modern geometric pieces that you can incorporate if you don’t favor

Make Your Own Art

Classes that walk you through completing a painting in one evening have become very popular, and they are a lot of fun to do. To keep classes simple, all participants do the same picture. Before you sign up, you can see what will be done each night, so you can choose to take the class for a painting that matches your colors or theme—or brings in something that doesn’t match, but complements what you have now. You don’t have to keep it up forever, but something new helps bring on the sense of a new season.

If you don’t want to paint, you could quilt a wall hanging, construct a stained glass window, or craft something out of wood. There’s probably a beginner’s class on any of those in your area, so you can have a little fun creating your own décor.

If you don’t feel you have any artistic talent, or just aren’t the crafty type, but would like an inexpensive way to use art in your spring décor, consider “printables.” Basically, these are ready-to-print designs that you purchase online and download. Then you just need to put the print in a frame that you already have or you can pick one up from your local crafts store (or a yard sale). Unfinished wood frames are popular for a rustic look, several pieces in mismatched frames create an eclectic feel, or you can buy a few matching frames for a more elegant style.

Spring designs tend to feature flowers, but baby animals are also a common theme, leading right into Easter. Sayings are also very popular in décor now, so if you love the chalkboard look, but calligraphy isn’t one of your talents, you can find a clever printable in that style to get the look without the struggle.

Get a Lift from Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a long-standing tradition that makes use of the lengthening days and gets your house in order, but it can be a big emotional booster too. Even though house cleaning isn’t most people’s idea of a great way to spend the day, the sense of accomplishment that comes from getting such a major project competed can be renewing.

Knowing that the rooms in your home are clean and excess clutter has been removed tends to make the space feel more open and to make you feel more like moving around in it.

Nothing Says Spring Quite Like Flowers

You don’t have to invest in a professionally designed arrangement to liven up your home with flowers. You can find cut flowers at the supermarket or wholesale club, and instead of trying to arrange them in a vase, separate them into small bunches or you can even use them individually. All you need for each of them is a small vessel that can hold water. Chances are, you have some small vases, cute teacups, and jelly or mason jars that would make very nice containers for displaying flowers.

Mason jars are very popular in DIY design and are a great choice because they can be dressed up with ribbon in any color or wrapped in a strip of burlap with twine to stay with a rustic style. If you need some visual inspiration, just go to Pinterest and search “mason jar flowers” and “jelly jar flowers.” You’ll find an unbelievable assortment of small floral displays that you can recreate.

If you use clear bud vases, you can even put a few drops of food coloring in the water for an additional pop of color—but keep in mind, the flowers will draw up that color, so be mindful of your combinations!

Use Candles for Spring Scents

Winter candles tend to have warm, cozy scents, like balsam, sage, cinnamon, clove, and of course, baking cookies. To bring in the feeling of spring, replace them with lighter, fresh scents. If flower scents are too much for your taste, go with fruits. Citrus is wonderfully refreshing, but popular options also include pineapple, mango, and combinations with names ranging from “Fruit Slices” to “Fruit Temptations.”

Spring is a wonderful time of year, that we all look forward to after the chill of winter. These ideas are just the beginning of all the ways you can start to bring the seasonal sense of renewal into your home. I hope you feel inspired to try them out!