Most people are familiar with spring cleaning; it’s been a traditional practice for hundreds of years, and many of you may look forward to having a good old declutter after the excesses of the holiday season. But why not step it up a notch? Make this the season you spring clean your life, and go into 2018 with a new spring in your step (excuse the pun). Here are five tips to get you into 2018 as your best self.

Get that Closet Sorted!

When did you last wear that dress? And do those shoes even fit you? Clothes should make you feel 10/10, so if you’re holding onto anything that makes you feel less than, donate it. Start by bagging up everything you know you no longer want; that’s the easy part.

Now (being honest), filter out those items you’ve been saving for a special occasion … for the last ten years. And those that don’t fit. Those jeans you’ve kept for when you’ve lost a couple of pounds? Seeing those jeans every day is not going to make you feel like a 10, that’s for sure!

Finally, you need a process for everything that’s left—and here’s a good tip! Hang all your clothes facing the same way. Then, each time you wear something, flip it the opposite direction. Come the end of the year, and you’ll know that anything not flipped didn’t get worn. It won’t help you for this year, but will be a great starting point for next year.

Hone Those Hobbies

Do you have cupboards bursting with paraphernalia from your last foray into a new hobby (or five)? Now is the time to pick it back up, or let it go. Dig out everything you’ve stashed with good intentions to restart at “some point.” Because, guess what? Today is “some point”!

Seeing all your old tools and supplies should inspire you to pick up where you left off. And if it doesn’t, it’s time to let that stuff go to someone who will appreciate it. And if nothing in your cupboard inspires you, here’s an opportunity to find something new to do in 2018 that you will love.

Flip Those Files

If you hold on to every bit of paper just in case it’s important at some point, this one is for you. Now is the time to haul those filing cabinets and desk files out of the garage and shred everything that’s no longer necessary to keep. Painful, I know. But worth it. If you’re not sure what to get rid of and what you should keep, here’s a handy list:

Get rid of:
• Paperwork for cars you no longer own
• Paychecks (once you’ve got your W-2 for the year)
• Old bills
• Expired warranties

• Tax returns for the past six years
• IRA contribution slips
• Home-improvement records
• Bank statements for the last three years
• Deeds
• Investment information
• Receipts for tax-deductible purchases and anything still under warranty

Relationship Rehab

Relationships with friends and family can be the most rewarding experience of all—but they can also be draining. Make 2018 the year you give yourself a little bit of relationship rehab. Look at those friendships that make you feel fantastic and loved; nurture them, take good care of them, and value them.

And take a long hard look at each relationship that makes you feel crummy, let down, or unvalued—is this a relationship worth saving? If it’s important to you that this person stays in your life, take some time to think about what will make your relationship with them better, and work towards that. And if it’s not, maybe it’s time to start separating yourself from that person. I know, tough, right? But remember this: a friend that makes you feel bad isn’t a friend.

Choose Your Attitude

The best clear-out you can make this year is your attitude. I’m not saying we have bad attitudes, but maybe they’re not the best they can be.

How many times have you said to yourself, “I’ve got to go pick up the kids, and then I’ve got to go to the supermarket, and then I’ve got to go to the gym.” I don’t know about you, but I feel drained just reading that.

It’s time to make a change. Switch your “got” to “get.”

“I get to go pick up the kids, and then I get to go to the supermarket, and then I get to go to the gym.”

What a difference! It’s something small, but just changing your attitude can help you feel uplifted and motivated … even if you are just going to the supermarket.

So, try some of these out, declutter your life for 2018, and make it the best one yet!