Steak Stir Fry In A Flash

I look at recipes all day long like it’s my job (hey, I guess it is!) and I can usually tell when something will be good, but I’m sometimes surprised. What surprises me most is how often something that is super fast is also super tasty. It happens, but usually after I make recipes with only a few ingredients, I often think it’s missing something. I mean, yes, there are times I want to get dinner on the table in no time, but I also want to feel like I’m eating at my favorite restaurant? Is that too much to ask? Probably. But maybe not?

 There are recipes that are lightening fast and also amazingly delicious. This stir-fry is one of them. There’s very little prep, and there are ways to make it almost no prep at all (hello, Whole Foods salad bar!)

Seriously, once you’ve got your ingredients ready, and you should definitely get them all ready, the cooking time is only a few minutes. Well, I guess that depends on how you eat your steak.

The flavor comes from a combo of Ava Jane’s Kitchen Avocado Oil, ginger, garlic, soy sauce and lime juice. I always have fresh garlic and ginger on hand, but I also have a jar of each already in the fridge prepped for recipes like this. Use whatever veggie you like here, but if possible, I recommend heading to your local grocery store’s salad bar, especially if you’re not cooking for a bunch of people. I got pea pods, carrots, and green onions, but you could do broccoli, cabbage, edamame. Really, whatever looks good to you is game. I had some brown rice already cooked in the fridge, so this meal was literally on the table in less than 10 minutes.

Serves 2
Prep time: 10 minutes


1/4 cup + 1 tablespoon Ava Jane’s Kitchen Avocado Oil

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 teaspoon fresh grated ginger

Juice of 1 lime

1 tablespoon soy sauce

12 ounces steak strips

2 green onions, sliced

2 cups chopped veggies — pea pods, broccoli, carrots, bell peppers — use whatever you like

2 cups cooked rice

Colima Sea Salt and fresh ground pepper, to taste


Whisk 1/4 cup Ava Jane’s Kitchen Avocado Oil with the garlic, ginger, lime juice, and soy sauce. Set aside.

Heat the remaining oil in a heavy skillet or wok over medium high heat. Add the steak and cook until browned. Remove from pan. Add the green onions, cook for a minute and add the rest of the veggie and the sauce. Stir and cook until veggies are crisp tender. Add the steak back to the pan, toss to heat and add the rice. Toss, season with salt and pepper, and serve.

Easy to download PDF: Steak Stir Fry in a Flash