If you’re anything like me, you have a few summers under your belt that you maybe felt you could have done more with. Do you know what I mean? Those summers that you go into, full of good intentions to make the “best summer yet,” only you to get to the third week in August and realize all you’ve achieved so far is a topped-up tan and potentially a world-record for how much iced tea you’ve drunk.

Well, this summer could be your most productive summer yet. No, strike that. It WILL be your most productive summer yet. Because you’re going to create a summer bucket list. You’re going to list all those things that you want to do before summer is over—and this time you’re going to do them.

Not sure where to begin? To give you a little kickstart, I’ve shared mine below (don’t judge me!). Just remember to make it personal to you, and you’ll be ticking that checklist off in no time.

1. Read the top three books from the New York Times Bestseller List as of June 15th 2018
Don’t ask me why this particular date—I just figured that I’m going to consider July 1st as the first day of summer, and therefore June 15th gives me two weeks to buy them (I highly prefer paper books to e-books).

2. Master an espresso martini
An Espresso Martini is my guilty pleasure—and I know I would undoubtedly impress my dinner guests if I were able to whip a couple of these out at the end of the night—but you might choose an appetizer, a dessert, even a sauce. The point is, come the end of summer, whatever it is, be amazing at it!

3. Join an outdoor boot camp
What use is summer if you’re stuck indoors working out? I don’t particularly enjoy working out, but I do love the outdoors, so joining an outdoor boot camp will certainly sweeten the deal.

4. Spend the day at the shore
I live just two hours from the shore and last year I promised, every single week, that we would go down there for the day. Every single week, we didn’t. But this year we will!

5. Go camping somewhere
I know “somewhere” is an ambiguous term, but the reason for this is that, while I would love to head a bit further afield to become one with nature, the reality is that that I will probably end up driving just an hour on the highway. Still, the idea is that we get away from all the frivolities and tech of everyday life and strip it back for a couple of days, so I guess it doesn’t matter how far you go if you can do that.

6. Create a summer playlist
I’ve done this every year since forever. It doesn’t necessarily need to go on my bucket list because it happens regardless. But as it’s summer-specific, here it is for good measure.

7. Go to an outdoor music festival
One of my favorite pastimes is listening to live music, so what better way to indulge an existing love than to take it outside and couple it with some glorious sunshine? But it doesn’t have to be a music festival. If that doesn’t take your fancy, look around and see if there’s an “outdoor” version of your favorite indoor hobby.

8. Have a picnic in Central Park
Okay, so Central Park is really quite specific to me as I’m lucky enough to live close by, yet for all the times I’ve been there, I’ve never packed a picnic up and spent a happy afternoon eating and lounging. But the same would go for any park near you—see another side of somewhere right outside your doorstep by doing something different when you’re there.

9. Go to an outdoor cinema
See point number seven.

10. Swim 50 lengths a week
I don’t know if that sounds like a little or a lot? The truth is that the pool I use is actually quite small. And I say “per week” because I’m not all that sure I can be bothered to head there every day. But if I promise once a week, I know I can manage that for sure.

11. Limit my phone time
I spend far too much time checking my phone—checking for emails, text messages, social media updates and the rest. I check even without realizing that I’m checking. So, this summer a phone detox is on my bucket list. True, it’s not an experience in itself, but I know it will help me enjoy the rest of my experiences more.

12. Do a short course
Right now, I’m undecided as to what I want to do—I’m pondering either learning a language or taking a photography course. Either way, I plan on finishing this summer with a “bet you didn’t know that about me” talent!

So, that’s my summer bucket list, and I’m ready and raring to go! What’s yours going to be?