In case you are unfamiliar with Instagram, it’s a visually-oriented social media platform that has really gained popularity in the last year. Because its design centers around images, it has attracted amazing photographers from the beginning and has become the primary social media platform for many.

If you haven’t ever tried it, you will be amazed at the quality and variety of photography you can find there. Travel is always one of the most popular topics, and there are many accounts devoted solely to sharing travel posts. The list below gives you links to some of the best Instagram channels devoted to traveling, and exploring them will give you some familiarity with the platform.

After you check out the posts on these accounts, you can explore further by using the search box at the top of each page. Users tag their posts with related keywords, beginning with a hashtag (#) to make them easy to find. You can do a general search for travel, get more specific with something like “Bavarian castles”, or even find posts featuring a specific location like Loch Ness. When you type in your interest, you will get a drop-down list that includes keywords (#lochness), which will show you all the posts associated with that term and the names of accounts devoted to the topic. There are often several with very similar names, so it’s worthwhile to take a look at more than one.

Whether you are completely new or an old-timer on Instagram, these channels will give you a view of the world that will inspire you to get out there and see it yourself—and hopefully get you comfortable enough using the platform to continue using it for even more travel inspiration.

National Geographic (Natgeotravel)
It goes without saying that National Geographic has amazing photography, but their Instagram channel is a must-see. The quality is as high as what you are familiar with from the magazine, and the content features animals and astounding aspects of the planet with a few human culture images thrown in for good measure.

Alex Strohl
Alex Strohl’s photography will not only amaze you with the natural wonders he shoots, but the way he captures light might inspire you to take up photography as well. His Insagram page displays everything from closeups of flowers to cultural shots of people to multi-image panoramic landscapes, and all of them are intriguing.

Expert Vagabond
Matthew Karsten makes a very good living traveling the world and sharing his experiences through his blog and Instagram channel. In fact, he’s such an ambassador of the lifestyle that he blogged about how he managed to pull off getting paid for traveling around the world doing what he wants to do.

Global Outdoor Survival Club
This group describes themselves as “an ardent community for outdoor addicts who
love camping, hiking, living in the woods & cabins.” Their posts will take away any question as to why they would be into that, with beautiful treehouses, cabins, campfires, gloriously remote locations, and canine camping companions. If you can’t quite get in the spirit of roughing it, maybe one of their lovely cabins will motivate you to get “back to nature” a little more comfortably.

Tyberiusz Pawłowski
If history is more your thing, this self-proclaimed “castle hunter” not only posts great pictures of castles, but he also includes descriptions and historical facts and legends that make each one even more interesting.

Australia (Tourism Australia)
Australia has some of the world’s most interesting wildlife and landscapes. This page has many of the things you’d expect to see, like Ayers Rock, beautiful beaches and lots of kangaroos, but what’s up with the camels? There’s also a picture of a baby koala that fits in the palm of someone’s hand that is certainly worth seeing.

If you like to see people in the picture, this traveling couple has a site that will appeal to you. Most of their pictures include at least one of them, and they enjoy sharing thoughts on traveling and world cultures as well as the locations they visit. The imagery is very stylish and fun.

Rainforest Alliance
The Rainforest Alliance’s posts include people from various rainforest cultures, animals, and, of course, the forests themselves. Posts include information that lets you know why each post is important and how its subject is relevant.

There are many more travel-oriented sites on Instagram. This list intentionally gives a wide variety, but there are more of each kind and pages devoted to any particular location you can think of! Next time you are feeling stuck indoors because it’s too hot, cold, or wet to be outside, you can explore the world from the comfort of your couch with Instagram!