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Try an Avocado Oil Massage, Your Body Will Thank You!

Most people really don’t think about it when they get a massage, trusting that the oil that is used on them is good enough.  Many think that the only purpose of massage oil is to make it easier for the massage therapist to work on your sore muscles, but this is not the case.  The oil can also rejuvenate and hydrate your skin, and can have many other health benefits!  Read on to find out why you should be taking your own bottle of Ava Jane’s Avocado Oil oil to your massages!

Some of the Many Benefits

Using avocado oil on your skin has a lot of great benefits, but when massaged in, it also penetrates deeper into the skin at an accelerated rate, and due to the massage, your blood flow in the areas massaged will be much better, improving the absorption and benefits.  Avocado oil, as you may well know, is moisturizing, but also anti-inflammatory, a natural steroid, and repairs sun-damaged skin much faster than leaving it alone.  The anti-inflammatory aspects of it also can be of great benefit to those suffering arthritis and rheumatism.  Massaged into the affected area, it can have a real impact in lessening inflammation.

What Is in Avocado Oil to Provide These Benefits?

It is a nutrient-rich oil, and is also very effective in relieving skin conditions such as eczema.  Since it is high in polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols, it does very well in reducing topical inflammation and helping sun-damaged skin.  The super-high oleic acid content is awesome for moisturizing and regenerating fatty acids, and it is even found in your skin’s natural oil, so using more of it when the skin is damaged can really help out.  The phytosterols in avocado oil make it great for a massage oil, because they play a large role in rejuvenating stressed skin.

Multiple massages with avocado oil can really make a difference, increasing the skin’s elasticity quite a bit!  The natural steroid found in avocado oil is called sterolin, and it helps to trigger collagen production in your skin.  That’s an awesome benefit, as collagen is essential in connective tissue and to keep your skin from premature aging.


Avocado oil has a huge amount of antioxidants, which fight against free radicals that contribute to cellular degeneration.  Free radicals also help create tumors.  Since avocados have more antioxidants per fruit than other kinds of fruit, having that oil massaged into your skin, and antioxidants seeping in from all over, can help protect you from cancer, as well.

How Long Does It Last?

The benefits of the oil vary from person to person, but with regular usage, you should see a huge difference in the quality, elasticity, suppleness and healthiness of your skin.  Especially when not just put on like a cream, but massaged in effectively.

One of the great aspects of avocado oil is that when stored properly, it can have a shelf life of up to one year. This can be increased by adding a bit of vitamin E to the solution.  Speaking of vitamins, you can get a good dose of vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, C, D, E, and K into your system with such a massage, and get it to all areas of your body!

Some Final Words

One thing we didn’t talk about is the feel of the oil. Many people love it for massage, both the giver and receiver, as it is a light-medium oil and doesn’t have the greasy feel on the skin that some other oils do.  At the same time, the skin soaks it in well and evenly, so there isn’t a huge amount of cleanup or oil spots everywhere when the massage is done.  The smell is very nice and soothing to many, though subtle, and it can become a very nice carrier for essential oils.  A few drops of a strong smelling essential oil, lavender for example, can be a great smell/massage combination!  One word of advice, if you go for professional massage, ask your massage therapist if they have avocado oil on hand, or if they would mind you bringing your own.  The vast majority won’t mind a bit, and you can reap all of the benefits that we have listed here.  Enjoy your massage!