Portrait of young woman drinking water from a glass

If you’re anything like I once was, you’re falling short on the recommended eight glasses of water a day. I liked to imagine that this wasn’t my fault. After all, what kind of person has the bladder capacity to handle that much water along with everything else they drink? Once you learn a few things about drinking enough agua, though, you’ll probably welcome the additional bathroom visits. 

Benefits of Drinking More Water

I don’t drink water for the taste. While I’m sure it’s like a slice of fried gold—that’s British for “great”—after a treacherous journey through Death Valley, it’s quite literally not my cup of tea. Flavor simply isn’t why I guzzle down water now. It’s the numerous benefits that come along with it, including studies showing that having a glass of water before eating can aid in weight loss.

 Come on, though, who’s really going to drink that much water just for a single benefit? The answer is “not me.” Fortunately, there are numerous other advantages as well. Want to help prevent headaches? Drinking water does it. Want to overcome fatigue? Water can do that too. Want to learn how to speak 20 different languages? Well … go back to college, because water can’t do that.

 All joking aside, though, drinking enough water has countless health benefits. Whether it’s better kidney function, improved mood, or even fighting off bladder cancer, there’s really no reason to not drink enough water.

 That’s Not Enough for You?

 If you’re still on the fence about drinking as much water as possible, congratulations. You’re just as stubborn as I was. Rattling off a few benefits did about as much for me as drinking a cup of salt water to satiate thirst. It’s when I started learning about the negative effects of insufficient water intake that things got real.

 As it turns out, not drinking enough water can actually result in premature aging. I don’t know about you, but I have enough trouble getting a date without having to worry about looking 68 when I’m 35. If you’re thinking, “That’s not so bad. Aging makes you look distinguished,” just realize that most of us don’t age like Sean Connery and Cindy Crawford.

 In addition to premature aging, not drinking enough water can also result in joint pain and stomach ulcers. Of course, you might not even worry about those once you’re painfully constipated—another result of going through life dehydrated. If we’re being honest, though, it was the fact that muscle mass can be lost without enough water that got me drinking like a boss.

 I’ve got to at least make it look like I’m active, after all.

 A Few Tricks to Drinking More Water

 At this point, I’m confident that you’re convinced that drinking more water is good for you. If not, enjoy the constipated, joint-pain stomach ulcers that come in your premature aging process. For the rest of us, there are several tricks to utilize that can help us hit that magic eight glasses of water, and even surpass it.

 One great trick I utilize to get enough water is slipping a full glass in when taking vitamins or after brushing my teeth. Make this a habit, and you’ll be well on your way. If you’d like to turn drinking water into a game without chugging against your college roommates, though, simply download the Water Your Body app to make hydration a little competition with yourself.

 And since you’ve read this far, I’ll go ahead and divulge my favorite method of making myself drink more water: Soak fruit in it. Seriously, have you ever had a glass of ice-cold cucumber water? It’s like the first time I heard the Beatles. Of course, you can opt for strawberries, lemons, watermelon, raspberry, or literally any other fruit you love. So enjoy.

 Safe Journeys, Hydrated One

 There you have it, folks. You’ve been granted the knowledge to stay healthy and happy by drinking more water. Full disclosure: Drinking water didn’t help me get a date, but I blame that on genetics.

Curtis Fease is an avid traveler and part-time adventurer hailing from Augusta, GA. He’s lived in over two dozen places in his lifetime — including in an African village where no one spoke English but him. He’s currently earning his master’s degree in public administration and will look for a career where he can travel as much as possible — just as soon as he figures out what he wants to be when he grows up.