Did you know that avocados are a powerhouse of heart-healthy nutrients? It’s true! In fact, avocados and avocado oil are recommended by cardiologists around the world as a staple in a heart-healthy diet. This super fruit, besides being delicious, can help lower your cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, reduce and prevent arterial build-up (plaque), and significantly reduce your risk of heart attack. Keep reading to get the scoop on avocados!

Feeling the Rhythm
Potassium is a critical electrolyte that works directly with the heart and the kidneys. The term electro- is completely correct for potassium because it helps support the electrical function of the heart that regulates heart rate and rhythm. Not having enough potassium in your diet can cause life-threatening arrhythmias, or irregular heartbeats.

But Wait, There’s More
Potassium doesn’t just keep your heart pumping, it also regulates your blood pressure to keep it in healthy limits. Your blood pressure directly affects your risk of stroke, heart attack, and kidney health. The damage caused by chronic high blood pressure can lead to complete kidney failure.

Not Loaded with Sugar
It’s no secret that most fruit is loaded with natural sugar, giving it that sweet taste that we so fondly associate with it. But avocado is not that kind of fruit. Instead of sugars, avocados are full of healthy fats and fiber. The most popular avocado in the US is the Hass avocado. One of these avocados contains nine grams of carbohydrates, but seven of these carbs are fiber, meaning that there are actually only 2 real carbs in each fruit. That means that this is one fruit that is fair game whether you are on a low carb diet, diabetic, looking to lose a few pounds, or just want to make some healthy choices for your plate.

Healthy Fat Is Good for You
Avocados are a fatty food, but they are full of healthy fat. The primary fat found in avocados is oleic acid. This is the same fat found in olive oil and believed to be the key to the numerous health benefits the fruits possess. One of the celebrated benefits of oleic acid is its anti-inflammatory properties. Eating avocados in your daily diet is proven to help reduce joint pain and inflammation, as well as reduce the risk of multiple other health complications that result from inflammation.

Want some fun ideas for including more avocado in your daily routine? Try using it as a conditioner to sooth split ends or massage into your scalp to stop dry scalp in its tracks. Want a body lotion that isn’t full of chemicals? Slather on some avocado oil and massage it into your joints for anti-inflammatory effects, along with optimal skin hydration.

What about ways to add it to your diet? Try these tips:
• Use it in place of salad dressing (it pairs great with apple cider vinegar on leafy greens).
• Look through our blog and the hundreds of avocado oil recipes written by our recipe writer Amy Hunter to find something delicious for dinner.
• Use avocado oil for all high-heat cooking – it has a very high smoke point.
Avocado is one healthy powerhouse fruit that will keep you dancing through the ages. Make a healthy heart choice and give some avocado love to your plate tonight!